Please be aware that as the return to School, Collage and University approaches our staff resource will deplete. Therefore we ask, where possible that you to book your table, this will be very much appreciated. Walk-Ins may not be accomodated, we may also stop serving food on the patio if we are short staffed.
Please be mindful we are doing our best!
Thank you 

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We are now using Menu V4 2021 ( from 28.08.21)
(phones will ONLY be manned half hour before opening)
Lunchtime: 12.00-2.00pm
Evenings: 6.00-8.30pm
Thursday, Friday & Saturday Evenings 
Friday, Saturday & Sunday Lunchtimes


Orders only taken for that day, no advance pre-orders
1. Phone your order through, we will take payment via card over the phone.
2. 01242 820341
3.  We will tell you when the order will be ready to collect, this depends on what you order, how many orders are on the go at the same time, we will endeavour for food to be ready when you would like to collect it.
7. Please drive up to our front door, (stay in your car) stop between sign and front door step, parallel to the pub. 
8.We will deliver your order to the car window or boot.

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 Take-Away Menu

Dowdeswell Village Website

Thanks to Mike P, (a favourite customer of ours) Dowdeswell Village now has its own website
 Check out the local news, meetings, Village Hall updates, important events and very importantly when to meet up with neighbours and friends at The KILKENEY INN!
Next Date: Friday 24th September 2021

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Welcome to The Kilkeney Inn......we've come back home!

Having left Gloucestershire in 1999 to run a pretty part-thatched pub in North Bedfordshire, The Jackal, we are thrilled to be back in this area as the new proprietors of The Kilkeney Inn. Kev our-my (head chef/owner/husband) spent 6 years at the helm of the Fossebridge Inn kitchen in the late 1990’s, where he accrued a huge following for his tasty and innovative dishes. Kev is classically trained learning his skills alongside TV chef and personality Gordon Ramsey! He has worked in prestigious London restaurants and hopes to bring these influences, plus his passion for fabulous food to his new kitchen. In Kev’s Kilkeney Kitchen he and the team produce fresh dishes influenced by elements of our passion for countryside living.
I on the other hand I bring a wealth of different ideas and approaches from my background of floristry, horticulture, Marketing and Design; I hope that we will become nationally recognised and build a great reputation for good food as we did at The Jackal. I grew up in Cambridgeshire then spent the better part of 20 years in Cheltenham, where I grew to love the county and its unique countryside, rustic villages and towns and dynamic industry.
The Kilkeney Inn itself has had a chequered past, with peaks and troughs in trade over the years. We intend to put the pub back on the map. Our ethos is to cook good hearty food, using as much seasonal and local produce as possible, changing menus with regularity, yet maintaining known customer favourites; our aim is to blend this with good customer service and aesthetically pleasing surroundings.
An Inn opened on this site just shortly before 1780 called the Cross Hands Inn, now called The Kilkeney Inn, (please note the spelling); the Inn is located in an area known as Kilkenny (spelt the Irish way!). There is a view point is just a short distance away. The name Kilkenny is thought to have been taken from a nearby farm, originally named Kilkenny after the capture of Kilkenny town in Ireland by Cromwell in 1650. How the pub got the name Kilkeney is yet to be explored! There is some evidence to suggest that this was a drovers pub long before 1780, I’m working on collating the history.
Eat, Drink & Enjoy

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